Dubovka Town and the Convent

Tour type: by bus
Language: Russian / English
Duration: 5-6 hours
Limitations: to visit the convent women are obliged to wear kerchief
Included: transport support, guide service
Not included: food / drinks, souvenirs, tips

In one hour, drive from Volgograd is a small town Dubovka. About 150 years ago, Dubovka could outrun Tsaritsyn in its development. All this thanks to its favorable location. Even before this land was a settlement of the Golden Horde. All that is left of it, you will be able to see during our tour. Besides, you will visit the houses of Dubovka merchants of the nineteenth century, who often surpassed Tsaritsyn in the power and influence. Our trip also includes a visit to the Holy Ascension Convent, where you will see the exploits of the modest life of those people who decided to devote themselves to serving the God.