Old Sarepta

Tour type: by bus
Language: Russian / English
Duration: from the center of Volgograd 4.5 hours
Limitations: none
Included: transport support, guide service, museum visits (except for non-working days)
Not included: food / drinks, souvenirs, tips

Do you think it is possible to find a small piece of Germany inside the city of Volgograd? Of course it is! Once you stock up with patience on the road and you will get to places, where a few centuries ago was one of the largest German colonies in the South of the Russian Empire. Founded at the end of the XVIII century by the gernguters brothers with the permission of Empress Catherine II, who was, by the way, was a German by birth, the colony became an important center of craft, culture and Christian missionary work. Together with qualified guides, you will explore some of the oldest buildings in the city. Volgograd, built in the German style, visit the pharmacist’s store, Creamery. Moreover, if you are lucky, you can hear the true master playing a real organ in the Sarepta Church. Despite the disasters, that Nazism brought to our land in the 20th century, the historical fate of Russians and Germans will always closely bound in Russian history.