The Republic of Kalmykia

Type of excursion: by bus
Language: Russian / English
Duration: 14-15 hours
Limitations: none
Included: transport support, guide services, museum visits (except for non-working days)
Not included: food / drinks, tips, souvenirs

Welcome to Kalmykia, one of several Buddhist cloister in Russia. Kalmyks considered as heirs of the ancient nomads who were previously part of the Golden Horde. For centuries, they linked their existence to the glorious pages of Russian history, swearing allegiance to the Russian tsars in the XVII century. In our tour to the capital of the Republic of Kalmykia, we will visit the sights that will not leave anyone indifferent: one of the biggest Buddhist temples in Europe with the largest in Russia and Europe a nine-meter Buddha statue will reveal to you the secrets of their rites. Besides, you will be able to make the most secret wish of the Pagoda for seven days, go through the Golden Gate, and visit the chess town. Kalmykia will not leave you indifferent.