Mountain climbing

Type of excursion: by bus and hike
Language: Russian
Duration: 2-3 days
Limitations: absence of medical contraindications to camping trip and rock climbing
Included: transfer, instructor's services, rental of climbing gear (safety equipment, rope, braces), visiting the canyon (depends on the weather)
Not included: rock shoes rental

"Better than mountains can be only mountains where you have not been!" – the famous singer sang. Unfortunately, there are no such places near Volgograd; however, in 4 hours’ drive from the regional center there is the rocky region – Zhirnov, where you can find out what it is – to climb the rocks. If you already have the experience of visiting climbing walls, it will be a great advantage, and you will quickly accustom, if you are newbie it is not a problem – in Zhirnov there are climbing trails, available even for beginners. You will have complete apprentice teaching under the supervision of a lead certified instructor. Next to the rocky massif there is a river, so do not forget your swimming accessories. A tent and open fire cooked meals will add romance to your hike.